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The 15 Day EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge
I am thrilled to be offering you my brand new guided online EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge.
Eating healthy is so easy in the summer: there is such an abundance and variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, greens and herbs. A visit to your local farmer’s market will inspire you to get cooking right away – everything just looks so fresh, vibrant and simply irresistible.
I am inviting you to embark on a fun challenge that will provide you with delicious and time proven recipes from my Estonian farm. You will be eating the foods we have tested in our whole foods cooking classes and served to the participants of our wellness and yoga retreats. Now you can create a spa like dining pleasure in your very own home.
Get to know how great it feels to give your body a CLEAN EATING experience that is not only healthy, nutrient-dense and balanced, but delectable and satisfying as well.
What to expect from EATING CLEAN for 15 days:

  • lose your sugar cravings
  • feel amazing running on clean energy
  • reduce inflammation by creating a self-healing environment in the body
  • learn to balance acid and alkaline foods
  • enjoy an even keel blood sugar level, without the ups and downs in mood and concentration
  • feel grounded, supported and confident re your food choices
  • delight in a sharp and clear mind
  • eliminate pains and aches
  • experience a boost of energy so you can fully enjoy the longer days of summer
  • drop a few pounds of extra weight without ever depriving yourself
  • clear up your skin for a lovely glowing complexion
  • establish new healthy eating habits
  • learn to plan and prepare simple, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals

In fact, you might be wondering why you do not eat like this all the time.
By all means, do extend the EAT CLEAN way of eating for as long as you wish. It is well-balanced and you will be getting all the vital nutrients your body needs. There is nothing restrictive about the EAT CLEAN program. Unlike Cleanses and Detoxes, which are meant to only be done for a limited period of time, EATING CLEAN is a great way to eat for the rest of your life. You will be perfectly well-nourished. And come fall, you can simply adjust the EAT CLEAN way of eating by incorporating fall produce and warming foods.
While on the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge, there are only three strict rules: For 15 days you will not eat any white sugar, white flour or questionable oils/fats (such as refined and deodorized oils; generic vegetable oils; taste- and odorless supermarket oils, such as corn oil, soy oil, sunflower oil, canola oil; hydrogenated oils such as margarine and vegetable shortening) – that’s it.
There will be many recipes and menu plans to choose from and there will be a lot of flexibility, so that omnivores, pescetarians, flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and everybody in between will be able to enjoy the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge. Even dessert is allowed, as long as it is based on whole foods - yummy recipes will be provided. Gluten, lactose as well as casein intolerant eaters will also be well taken care of. If you are allergic to any other foods, you will be able to adjust the recipes for your particular condition. I am here to support you in figuring things out.
This is what you get:

  • Detailed information on Nourishing Essentials to provide you with the nutritional context for the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge, covering subjects such as:
  • whole foods versus processed foods
  • keeping our blood sugar balanced with nutrient dense foods versus eating empty sugary foods
  • using food to keep an alkaline reading in the blood
  • using superfoods to boost energy and gut health
  • breakdown on fats: what fats to eat, what oils to use for which cooking techniques, which fats to avoid completely
  • naturally healthy sweetness
  • eating in harmony with the summer season
  • mini meals: nutritious snacking for in between
  • lifestyle suggestions for the summer season
  • Plenty of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to provide ideas and inspiration for 15 days of CLEAN EATING
  • Menu samples
  • Tips on how to plan and shop for your meals
  • Non-food Health Boosters to enhance your EAT CLEAN experience
  • Full support for the duration of the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge through access to a Private Facebook Group moderated by me for 17 days - a place where you will get answers and suggestions to all your questions and concerns

Introductory fee: $ 87
To register simply click here
Please feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the EAT CLEAN Summer Challenge. Just email me at

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International Account number IBAN: EE852200001120222466
Name of Bank: Swedbank
Address of Bank: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia

Once you have made the transfer, please send an email to, so that I know where to send the instructions to.

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