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  1. Autumn Detox FAQ

    If you are still on the fence about joining our group of international detoxers, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have at
    Here are some frequently asked questions:
    How long is the detox?
    We will start going into the detox on September 26 and start the actual detox on September 28. I recommend to do the detox for at least 5 or up to 8 days. Then is takes about 5 days to come out of the detox.
    Why does it take so long to come out of the detox?
    While you are on the detox you get to eat very clean and easily digestible food. It’s kind of a vacation for your intestinal tract, so that it can heal and rejuvenate itself. It is very important to slowly get your gut used to more complicated foods so that there will be no digestive upset as you return to your regular diet. Secondly, by adding one food group at a time per day, you get to really experience the effect each new food has on your digestive system and will be able to pinpoint which foods, if any, are giving you trouble.
    Will it be difficult to find the foods needed for the detox?
    Not at all. All foods on the detox are quite ordinary: lemons, bananas, berries, avocados, leafy greens, lettuces, root vegetables, brown rice, mung beans, spices, raw apple cider vinegar ... mung beans and raw apple cider vinegar you will find in a health food store.
    Do I need special equipment for the detox?
    You do need access to a kitchen, a stove top and a blender. But even if you do not have a blender, I can provide an alternative way of making that dish.
    What if I can’t start the detox on September 28?
    You can always start the cleanse a little later and do it on your own timing. You could even start earlier, as I will be emailing all the instructions on September 19. The online forum will be active from September 24 -  October 8, but you will have access to all the communications even beyond October 8. I just will not be monitoring it any more. Should there be any questions that have not been answered on the online forum, feel free to contact me directly by email, so that I can support you.
    Is it safe to continue with regular exercise routines during the detox

    Yes, especially if you have a regular routine that your body is used to. I do not recommend to do very strenuous exercises unless you do that on a daily basis anyway. Walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi are good ways to keep your body moving during the detox.
    Will it take a lot of time to prepare the meals?
    No. The meals are very easy to make. Being on the detox will simplify your life substantially, allowing you and your body more rest and leisurely down time. It truly is a gift to your body.

    How is the Autumn Detox different from the Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse?

    The food on the Autumn Detox is a little more substantial than on the Spring Cleanse, as we are moving into the colder months of the year. Besides vegetables, greens, lettuces, fruits and berries you will also be eating glutenfree grains, legumes and warming spices. 
    I have never detoxed before – will it be difficult to do?
    No. There is nothing complicated about the detox and it is suitable for novices as well. The food is very tasty and satisfying, so you will not feel deprived at all. You can eat as much as you like and you will never go hungry while on the detox.

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