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  1. Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse Testimonials

    What I liked most about the Cleanse is that you eat very wholesome and nutritious food and are not starving. The Cleanse helps you to get rid of cravings without you even realizing it. My cravings for sugar have lessened. It feels like my body functions smoother. The Cleanse allowed me to realize that sleep is very important and should not be underestimated.
    I have done the “master cleanse” on my own and it was 100 times harder. Marika has the knowledge to address your concerns and to give you options if something doesn’t work for you. I learned so much about vegetables and herbs thanks to her.
    Would I do it again? Absolutely!!!! It was an eye opening experience!
    I would like to thank you Marika, for this wonderful cleanse. It was once again an amazing experience and I learned much more about my body. Also, I'm so glad that it also stresses that food is not the only thing we need to turn our attentions to. I think it has taught me to respect myself more in terms of spending more time on myself and not rushing so much. I have asked myself this week what it would be like if I would not run from place to place and rush myself and other people to do things as quickly as possible? Why am I rushing so much and trying to do so much at once? Perhaps it would be better to slow down a bit.
    Somewhere around the third day of my cleanse I was ready to throw in the towel and start making chocolate chip cookies. But since I had gotten to the halfway point, what’s 2 more days? Amazing how good it felt to walk up a whole flight of stairs without stopping to wheeze at the landing. I didn’t even realize the improvement until the day until after I was already easing back to my regular diet! This is something positive I can take with me to the next medical professional in an ongoing search to solve my problem – which I really did not have any more at the conclusion of my cleanse.
    I am so happy. It is as though a light switch went on. My overall attitude and mental outlook is more positive and more clear. And it is consistent. No bad moods. My favorite part of the cleanse is how I feel. I feel like a balloon floating in the air -- weightless, free and happy.  Also, I think the challenge of the cleanse was really good for my mind, and in turn, my body. I haven't eaten chocolate in 2 weeks. That amazes me. And now, I don't even want it. I crave the greens -- just can't get enough greens. In a way, I want to stay on the cleanse because I want to preserve this feeling as long as I can. I am doing a very slow phase out. As a Cleanse facilitator Marika is supportive, responsive and detailed. 
    The cleanse was so helpful in getting me back to healthy eating habits using a whole-foods approach. Marika’s knowledge is impeccable, and her answers were prompt and thorough. The instructions were easy to follow; the cleanse was truly easy-breezy! She got all participants together in an on-line community so that we could share questions, answers and experiences. It was motivating, helpful, and fun to be a part of this together with enthusiastic participants from around the world. I lost the last couple of pounds I needed to lose, and no longer crave junk food and coffee. I am looking forward to future cleanses with Marika!
    This spring-cleanse has made me feel good even though I have been avoiding junk food for a long time already. I made it through the eight days without any great mishaps, only a slight head ache in the middle of the program. I followed the conversations on the online forum – and got many useful tips. I feel refreshed and composed in a soft way. The challenge now is to keep and maintain this good feeling. I am convinced there is a strong link between our food, our physical and mental health and our life style. They all go together.
    The Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse is really as easy as it sounds. My favorite part was eating and not feeling famished but losing weight and gaining energy at the same time. I enjoyed all the foods and will add them to my menu in the future. The whole process gave me more motivation to, once and for all, change my eating habits so I could finally totally recover from all the damage I have caused to myself and my health.
    Marika was very helpful as a Cleanse facilitator and answered all of the participants’ questions in a timely manner. The communications were well organized and although I did not meet anyone in the group I did not feel alone. Anyway, the Cleanse will be on my schedule every spring from now on.
    I enjoyed the seven-day cleansing process. Since I am a vegetarian the change in the food was not remarkable for me. It was an interesting experience to start to listen more and more to the needs of my body as it became lighter and cleaner.
    I became more sensitive towards food, thinking more about what kind of food I want to give to my body. I realized how important it is to take some time every day and spend it in nature, or at least walk in the park after long hours of sitting in the office. I was very happy, full of joy and energy during the Cleanse.
    Marika has a lot of knowledge and was always there via the online forum when one had any question or issue that needed a clarification. Instructions were sent a week before the Cleanse started and they were comprehensive.
    I’m very happy to have had such a nice experience. Thank You, Marika for that! It changed my life very much. I felt very good after the cleanse, my body seemed lighter. After the cleanse I changed my diet a lot. My food had been quite dull/one-sided up until the cleanse, but now I use the recipes from your book and feel how delicious they really are. I‘ve fallen in love with different vegetables and roots. I have lost 3 kilos and I’m physically more active now – walking and doing some exercises again. I don’t need sweets and sugar any more. I’m sure I’ll do the cleanse again in the autumn and next spring. 


    I am very thankful to have come across this cleanse as it came to my life exactly when I needed it the most. I had been experiencing low energy, general bloating, and the skin on my face was very inflamed. My favorite part about this cleanse was that it was truly easy. I could have easily done 8 days but decided to end on day 6 because it felt sufficient. The foods that are allowed are very tasty and very satisfying. I don’t think I even needed a snack in between the meals. After starting the cleanse, I quickly realized how my love for sweets can be easily satisfied with just fruits and root vegetables, rather than sugar. I felt very light, calm, and at ease throughout the cleanse. Most importantly, my skin cleared up and my energy level increased substantially. Marika is a wonderful coach, she responds to all concerns/questions immediately and puts in a lot of thought and depth to her answers. I am looking forward to doing this again next year!


    What I liked most about this Cleanse were the comprehensive instructions including recipes and a shopping list. Also, the opportunity to get answers and solutions to all my questions and concerns via the online forum.
    While on the Cleanse it was much easier to get up in the morning and I had more energy during the day, my weight dropped and my digestion worked like clockwork. The Cleanse helped me to clarify that I am lactose sensitive.
    Marika is a very caring and thorough Cleanse facilitator. I liked that she gave in-depth feedback to everybody’s concerns and also joys. I would definitely do this Cleanse again.

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