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  1.  Are you hooked on non-fat fruit-flavored yogurt? 
    I know many are.
    You might be thinking that non-fat will save you calories. And mathematically speaking that is correct.
    But here is the thing:
    Fat is an integral part of dairy products. Non-fat dairy products I do not consider a whole food. Something vital AND flavorful has been removed. Fat plays a major role in calcium absorption by the body. Fat is crucial for the proper functioning of neurons in our brain.
    Unless we eat tons of fat, fat will not make us fat. Upon fat intake our body produces a chemical called cholecystokinin - in short CCK, which has some cool effects on our metabolism. First, it directly aids in digestion by stimulating the stomach, small intestines, pancreas and gallbladder. Secondly, it stimulates the sensation of pleasure in the brain. And thirdly, when it gets released, it curbs our appetite. Now putting it all together: CCK aids in digestion, lets us know when we have eaten enough and makes us feel good about the whole experience. No wonder fatty food has a pleasurable, satisfying and satiating effect on us.
    Fat does provide flavor which is especially palpable in dairy products. Low-fat or non-fat cheese simply does not taste good. Non-fat milk does not taste at all (in my humble opinion : )
    So what does the dairy factory do to enhance flavor in non-fat yogurt? It adds not only fruit but also a lot of white sugar or corn-syrup. A small container of non-fat fruit-flavored yogurt can have as many as 10 teaspoons of processed sweetener in it.
    Sugar unlike fat has an immediate effect on weight gain. While fat slows down the digestion and absorption of sugar into the blood stream, in the absence of fat sugar gets released quickly and leads to a spike in blood sugar levels. Whenever there is so much sugar in the blood that the body cannot immediately utilize it for energy, the sugar gets transformed and stored as body fat, which is the process of gaining weight. And as if that was not bad enough: whenever there is too much sugar floating around in our blood stream, our body holds on to fat and does not allow fat to be burnt for energy, which is the process of losing weight. In other words, the calorie-saving effect of eating less fat is negated by the double-whammy effect of eating empty calories from sugar or corn syrup.
    Therefore, I would like to encourage you to be bold – have the full-fat yogurt. You could buy plain full-fat yogurt and add your own fruit, berries or natural sweetener, such as honey or maple syrup. This way you know how much you add to it and that it is not an empty calorie sweetener, but a wholesome natural sweetener that also delivers minerals and enzymes as in the case of honey.
    And if you would like to experience what it feels like to eat a diet based on delicious whole nutrient-dense natural foods for a week, including delectable desserts …
    … then I invite you to attend my Passion, Purpose and Pleasure Wellness Retreat at my farm in Estonia.
    This retreat is truly transformational. In a relatively short period of time your body will relax into its pleasurable natural state. Both body and soul will feel pampered, nurtured and rejuvenated. Of course we will not only eat. You will also engage in blissful morning yoga, fun-filled cooking classes, luxurious massages, energizing breath walks and soothing meditations.
    On one day we will set out on a guided excursion that leads us to stunning land- and waterscapes where we will immerse ourselves into the stark beauty of untouched Estonian nature, replete with wild flowers and herbs, juniper groves and bogs.
    This week away from your everyday surroundings will provide you with a fresh look at life, the opportunity to explore your passions and renew your connection to your purpose. It will put you in touch with who you really are, what you really want from your life and provide insights, inspiration and support to start moving things in a bold new direction.
    I invite you to delve in and immerse yourself into a holistic way of being and living, where body, mind and spirit are integrated and deeply cared for.
    The retreat starts August 10.
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