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  1. Kale with carrots and leek    serves 4
    A refreshing leafy greens dish color accented with carrots and cherry tomatoes
    2 carrots, cut lengthwise into halves, crosswise into 2 “ (5 cm) pieces, then into little sticks
    olive oil
    1 leek, cut into ¼ “ ( ½ cm) wheels
    2 cloves of garlic, cut into slices
    8 large leaves of kale, stems removed, cut crosswise into 1 “ (2.5 cm) strips
    salt and pepper to taste
    2 cups (480 ml) of halved cherry tomatoes
    a little bit of lemon juice
    1 In a pan, sauté the carrots in olive oil until tender.
    2 Add the leek, garlic, kale, and a little water, toss, cover with a lid and let steam for a couple of minutes.
    3 When the kale is soft yet still bright in color add salt and pepper to taste.
    4 Add the cherry tomatoes and heat through.
    5 Sprinkle with a little lemon juice and serve warm.
    This simple dish goes well with cooked grains and root vegetables, also with fish or chicken.
    ENJOY !
  2. Rainbow Chard - edible beauties at Polli Talu's garden

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