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  1. Autumn Detox - Testimonials 

    "I found that the best way to greet a change in season is to change the old energy in both body and mind for a new one. It is unbelievable how many changes can happen in just 5 days and on all levels. And all of this without having to starve myself - without having to listen to my stomach growl, seeing delicious foods in my dreams or smelling the irresistible aroma of coffee in my mind. And there were no unpleasant mood swings for my family to deal with that can happen when I am hungry or feeling deprived ... It seems to me that the key to this wonderfully balanced feeling was the composition of the Detox menu, which simply did not allow for any withdrawal symptoms or mood swings that usually accompany typical diets and cleanses. And, last but not least – the group dynamic! It was so encouraging to read the experiences and comments of other detoxers – turns out that we are after all quite similar, while at the same time being quite different. I could feel that my fellow detoxers were also very much immersed in the process and when anybody had questions, Marika was quick to respond with helpful and indepth answers.

    Now I just need to stay with the new habits which formed during this short period of time (to be present in each moment; to find even a few minutes per day for myself; to „drink your food and eat your drink“). I would definitely like to experience this born again feeling again!"

    "I would do this again. Like most people I become so busy I forget to think of myself and what I am putting into my body and how I am feeling. This helped me remember that I need to listen to my body and put it first so I have the energy and the clarity to work and help my family long into the future.
    I want to thank Marika for her clear instructions and helpful insights to make this an enjoyable process and being there every step of the way."


    "The reason why your Autumn Detox caught my eye was classic. After having been in a vicious cycle of too much mental and emotional stress for some years, more hours in front of the computer, in meetings and on the plane, less physical activity, more wine and unhealthy food for emotional compensation and turning 50, I started to experience several signs and symptoms (tiredness, stiff joins, sleeping disturbances, dissatisfaction with increasing body weight etc) that spoke to me very clearly about the need of change in my lifestyle. Being a medical professional, I knew theoretically very well, what was wrong and what had to be changed, but I lacked inspiration and motivation.

    But when I read about Marika's detox program, I felt, that I am ready. It was like the last straw for making prolonged and profound changes in my lifestyle.

    I did not follow the program word for word and modified it according to my lifestyle, but followed all the main principles. I love the recipes, especially the kicheree. I am a poor cook, but I combined the program with starting to order vegetables, berries and lettuces straight from the farms, where they also offer organic food. I started to practice the 5 Tibetan exercises more regularly in the mornings. As a result I feel very good. I have more energy, I feel lighter and more active, sleep better.

    And last, but not least: I applaud to Marika's highly professional and delicate approach in putting this program together and in leading the way for us participants. I recognize that a lot of knowledge and experience has gone into it. In medicine we use the term evidence based, and this is what her advice is."

    "I like the Detox because I am reminded of the simple truths about eating and wellbeing. I am reminded to take care of myself. I intend to mark the last letter Marika sent to us about keeping up the good habits to my calendar, so it will send this message to me every once in a while. I think the third to fifth day of Detox are the best. The incredible lightness of body and clear mind makes me feel happy. Also, I do not crave foods like meat yet. The first day and maybe the second are the hardest when you are not allowed to drink coffee or eat sweets. I have participated in Marika’s Detoxes since 2013, when my daughter was a year old. I lost most of my baby weight with the first Detox, now the final kg is also gone. I know that I would do the Detox again with Marika. Doing it alone has not really worked for me, but being in a group and having concrete tasks to do and a timetable to follow helps a lot."

    "I liked that the Detox made my body feel light and relaxed. In two weeks my body weight dropped 3.7 kg. It is much easier for me to move and the pain in my knees is reduced. It was surprisingly easy to manage my sweet cravings.
    Marika was very supportive throughout the program and always answered everybody’s questions. I would also like to point out that her instructions were thorough and very easy to understand. Most likely I will participate in future Detoxes and Cleanses, because by doing it in a group it is much easier to keep your motivation up."
    "Dear Marika, I am so grateful to you! Thanks for all the support and guidance during this journey!
    I look great after loosing all those kilos. I have a lot of energy, can concentrate better, my skin looks great. Mentally I feel healthier and emotionally more balanced.

    I would like to come to Polli Talu some day for taking either a cooking course or kundalini yoga classes or both under your guidance. Unfortunately I had no opportunity this year, but I believe that next year, after having such a nice detox experience, I will definitely plan for it. As a facilitator you are great! I enjoyed your care and attention to the each small detail and constant feedback!"
    Thanks again and looking forward seeing you in the future! 


    "I felt very tired, my digestion was slow and I was afraid of the upcoming cold weather impact on my body. Fortunately, I found out about Marika's Autumn Detox. It was my first experience with a detox and I am happy I participated. 5 challenging days, but the result was wonderful: good digestion, more energy and even some weight loss! I liked the morning smoothie very much and got into the new habit of drinking apple cider vinegar water. Marika was very supportive and every question received a quick and thorough reply. I will definitely participate in the Spring Detox too."


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