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  1. Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse Testimonials

    What I liked most about the Cleanse is that you eat very wholesome and nutritious food and are not starving. The Cleanse helps you to get rid of cravings without you even realizing it. My cravings for sugar have lessened. It feels like my body functions smoother. The Cleanse allowed me to realize that sleep is very important and should not be underestimated.
    I have done the “master cleanse” on my own and it was 100 times harder. Marika has the knowledge to address your concerns and to give you options if something doesn’t work for you. I learned so much about vegetables and herbs thanks to her.
    Would I do it again? Absolutely!!!! It was an eye opening experience!
    I would like to thank you Marika, for this wonderful cleanse. It was once again an amazing experience and I learned much more about my body. Also, I'm so glad that it also stresses that food is not the only thing we need to turn our attentions to. I think it has taught me to respect myself more in terms of spending more time on myself and not rushing so much. I have asked myself this week what it would be like if I would not run from place to place and rush myself and other people to do things as quickly as possible? Why am I rushing so much and trying to do so much at once? Perhaps it would be better to slow down a bit.
    Somewhere around the third day of my cleanse I was ready to throw in the towel and start making chocolate chip cookies. But since I had gotten to the halfway point, what’s 2 more days? Amazing how good it felt to walk up a whole flight of stairs without stopping to wheeze at the landing. I didn’t even realize the improvement until the day until after I was already easing back to my regular diet! This is something positive I can take with me to the next medical professional in an ongoing search to solve my problem – which I really did not have any more at the conclusion of my cleanse.
    I am so happy. It is as though a light switch went on. My overall attitude and mental outlook is more positive and more clear. And it is consistent. No bad moods. My favorite part of the cleanse is how I feel. I feel like a balloon floating in the air -- weightless, free and happy.  Also, I think the challenge of the cleanse was really good for my mind, and in turn, my body. I haven't eaten chocolate in 2 weeks. That amazes me. And now, I don't even want it. I crave the greens -- just can't get enough greens. In a way, I want to stay on the cleanse because I want to preserve this feeling as long as I can. I am doing a very slow phase out. As a Cleanse facilitator Marika is supportive, responsive and detailed. 
    The cleanse was so helpful in getting me back to healthy eating habits using a whole-foods approach. Marika’s knowledge is impeccable, and her answers were prompt and thorough. The instructions were easy to follow; the cleanse was truly easy-breezy! She got all participants together in an on-line community so that we could share questions, answers and experiences. It was motivating, helpful, and fun to be a part of this together with enthusiastic participants from around the world. I lost the last couple of pounds I needed to lose, and no longer crave junk food and coffee. I am looking forward to future cleanses with Marika!
    This spring-cleanse has made me feel good even though I have been avoiding junk food for a long time already. I made it through the eight days without any great mishaps, only a slight head ache in the middle of the program. I followed the conversations on the online forum – and got many useful tips. I feel refreshed and composed in a soft way. The challenge now is to keep and maintain this good feeling. I am convinced there is a strong link between our food, our physical and mental health and our life style. They all go together.
    The Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse is really as easy as it sounds. My favorite part was eating and not feeling famished but losing weight and gaining energy at the same time. I enjoyed all the foods and will add them to my menu in the future. The whole process gave me more motivation to, once and for all, change my eating habits so I could finally totally recover from all the damage I have caused to myself and my health.
    Marika was very helpful as a Cleanse facilitator and answered all of the participants’ questions in a timely manner. The communications were well organized and although I did not meet anyone in the group I did not feel alone. Anyway, the Cleanse will be on my schedule every spring from now on.
    I enjoyed the seven-day cleansing process. Since I am a vegetarian the change in the food was not remarkable for me. It was an interesting experience to start to listen more and more to the needs of my body as it became lighter and cleaner.
    I became more sensitive towards food, thinking more about what kind of food I want to give to my body. I realized how important it is to take some time every day and spend it in nature, or at least walk in the park after long hours of sitting in the office. I was very happy, full of joy and energy during the Cleanse.
    Marika has a lot of knowledge and was always there via the online forum when one had any question or issue that needed a clarification. Instructions were sent a week before the Cleanse started and they were comprehensive.
    I’m very happy to have had such a nice experience. Thank You, Marika for that! It changed my life very much. I felt very good after the cleanse, my body seemed lighter. After the cleanse I changed my diet a lot. My food had been quite dull/one-sided up until the cleanse, but now I use the recipes from your book and feel how delicious they really are. I‘ve fallen in love with different vegetables and roots. I have lost 3 kilos and I’m physically more active now – walking and doing some exercises again. I don’t need sweets and sugar any more. I’m sure I’ll do the cleanse again in the autumn and next spring. 


    I am very thankful to have come across this cleanse as it came to my life exactly when I needed it the most. I had been experiencing low energy, general bloating, and the skin on my face was very inflamed. My favorite part about this cleanse was that it was truly easy. I could have easily done 8 days but decided to end on day 6 because it felt sufficient. The foods that are allowed are very tasty and very satisfying. I don’t think I even needed a snack in between the meals. After starting the cleanse, I quickly realized how my love for sweets can be easily satisfied with just fruits and root vegetables, rather than sugar. I felt very light, calm, and at ease throughout the cleanse. Most importantly, my skin cleared up and my energy level increased substantially. Marika is a wonderful coach, she responds to all concerns/questions immediately and puts in a lot of thought and depth to her answers. I am looking forward to doing this again next year!


    What I liked most about this Cleanse were the comprehensive instructions including recipes and a shopping list. Also, the opportunity to get answers and solutions to all my questions and concerns via the online forum.
    While on the Cleanse it was much easier to get up in the morning and I had more energy during the day, my weight dropped and my digestion worked like clockwork. The Cleanse helped me to clarify that I am lactose sensitive.
    Marika is a very caring and thorough Cleanse facilitator. I liked that she gave in-depth feedback to everybody’s concerns and also joys. I would definitely do this Cleanse again.

    For more information about the Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse click here

    To book the Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse click here
  2. Two Cleanses per year will make your body cheer

    As with most things in life—and especially around food and health—I advocate balance. I do not believe in taking extreme measures. When it comes to cleansing the body from the inside out, I am not in favor of “fasting,” be it a water fast, a juice fast or a vegetable broth fast.
    I believe a safer way to cleanse is simply to maintain a plant-based diet for a period of time. This approach will gently nudge your body into purging toxins and metabolic waste. The beauty of cleansing with natural whole foods is that the process is kind to your body—there is nothing extreme about it. No starvation, no deprivation.
    Cleansing or detoxifying the body twice a year is a sensible practice. You tune up your car regularly, so why not tune up your body as well from time to time? It may not be as simple as changing an oil filter, but we can support our body’s filtering organs—including the liver, the kidneys and the intestinal tract—by following a simple diet of plant foods and detoxifying beverages for a week or so.
    Our natural detoxification system gets compromised when it is overworked. This can happen when our lifestyle fails to honor a time of rest and we stay up late on a regular basis, hindering the liver as it tries to detoxify the body during the night. It can also happen when we consume more toxins or produce more metabolic waste than the liver can handle on a daily basis. Excess toxins that the liver cannot fully process are stored in the liver itself and in fatty tissues throughout the body.
    By eating very simple, light and clean plant food for a period of five to eight days, you give your digestive system a well-deserved break. Your body can utilize its freed-up energy to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate your cells, tissues and organs.
    You also give your liver a chance to catch up on processing stored toxins. Part of the liver’s job is to transform fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins for easy discharge by the kidneys through the urinary tract. As your body relaxes into cleanse mode, fat cells, too, are gently nudged into purging stored toxins. A high-fiber diet helps you to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste deposited in your colon.
    A cleanse is a loving gift to your body. You provide your body with the perfect inner ecology for healing on a deep cellular level when you eat delicious whole foods that are naturally mineral rich and therefore alkalizing. An alkaline reading in your blood reduces inflammation, the root cause of many diseases.
    Sleep is another important component of a cleanse. If you shift your rest period to an earlier schedule—starting at 10 p.m.—you will give your body a chance to rejuvenate, repair and restore itself fully.
    I offer two seasonal cleanses, one for the spring and one for the fall, because these two times of the year are naturally best for a detox. Major shifts in the seasons can be stressful and taxing on the body, and a cleanse can greatly support you in making a smooth transition from cold to warm or warm to cold.
    During the cleanses, you stay away from foods commonly known to trigger allergies and produce mucus—wheat, and other gluten-containing grains, dairy, soy, eggs and nuts. When you avoid these foods, you can eliminate many reactions like feeling heavy, bloated, congested or inflamed. You can experience what it feels like to be free of digestive upset and allergic reactions to food. This wonderful feeling in your body will inspire you to keep going and stick to the protocol.
    The size of your portions is not prescribed, so there is no reason for you to go hungry. The food may be simple, but you can have delicious, satisfying meals, so you will not feel deprived of gratifying taste experiences. These cleanses will be effective even if you eat enough to feel satiated—it is different from other detox programs that allow very little or no food at all. My plan allows you to have a fully satisfactory eating experience.
    During a cleanse, make a point of really savoring your meals and paying attention to the signals your body sends you. Your taste buds will become more sensitive to the subtle flavors of your food, and you will be more attuned to the feeling of satiety—and know when you have eaten enough.
    I have found that when you consciously give yourself permission to take good care of yourself and make the time to do so, you greatly increase your awareness of your body, its needs and its messages. A cleanse is the perfect time for a shift in that direction, inspiring you to honor your body’s communication and heed it.
    The beauty of a whole-foods cleanse is that you are introduced to a number of healthful eating and lifestyle practices. When you experience how great it feels to be eating and living according to these practices, you just might want to continue the trend even after the cleanse is over.
    Other pluses that come with a cleanse: You need to spend half as much time in the kitchen, and for around a week, you are free from wondering what to cook.
    Some of my core beliefs regarding food have been validated by my own experience with cleanses and by feedback from participants in my guided group cleanses.  
    ·         When you eat a balanced diet of natural whole foods, it is easy to keep your blood sugar level balanced. That leads to more energy, stable moods and zero cravings.
    ·         When you bring awareness and mindfulness to life and to food, you have loving control over your actions.
    ·         The more natural whole foods you eat, the more your taste buds evolve and the more receptive you become to the subtle flavors found in natural foods. Your appreciation for those natural flavors grows, and you find yourself no longer drawn to overly sweet, overly salty processed and empty foods. You are naturally drawn to more healthful choices, so it is very easy to stay on track. You go from “I should eat healthier” to “I choose to eat healthy.”
    The foods you eat during the cleanses are nutrient-dense, with no empty calories. While feeling satisfaction and pleasure from your food, you can lose a few pounds in the process without having to cut down on portion sizes. Losing weight is not necessarily the goal of a cleanse—it is a pleasant side effect. On the other hand, a cleanse can turn out to be a motivating jumpstart to your weight-loss efforts.

    Benefits you can expect include a boost in energy level, a surge of mental clarity, an end to sugar cravings, glowing skin, less congestion, less inflammation, a sensation of lightness and internal cleanliness, a new pattern of healthful eating and a loss of some body fat.
    During a physical cleanse, emotional issues can surface as well. You might feel irritated, overly sensitive, even angry. In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with the emotion of anger, and your liver might be telling you to let go of negative emotions just as you are in the process of letting go of physical toxins. 
    While simplifying your life, cleansing the body and clearing emotions, your mind and heart will allow you to hear your inner voice more clearly and enable you to receive new insights. Many religious and spiritual traditions include sacred times during the year when food is restricted and the focus shifts from physical sustenance to spiritual sustenance. Lent in Catholicism coincides with the timing of a spring cleanse, and Yom Kippur in Judaism coincides with a fall cleanse.   
    According to traditional Chinese medicine, the organs that need attention in the spring are the liver and gall bladder, while the large intestine and lungs are the organ pair that needs attention in the fall. In keeping with this tradition, my spring cleanse focuses on the liver and its accessory organ, the gall bladder. The autumn detox focuses on the gut and the lungs.
    Food choices for the spring cleanse are limited to vegetables and fruits, but the autumn detox menu includes grains and legumes as well because we do better with foods that are a  little more substantial and warming as we move into the colder time of year.
    For the same reason, we enhance our water with lemon in the spring and with raw apple cider vinegar in the fall. Both lemon and raw apple cider vinegar are cleansing and alkalizing, but the lemon has a cooling effect on the body while the vinegar is warming.

    For specifics on the upcoming Autumn Detox click here.
  3. Energize your body and mind by making smart food choices

    Discover the 7 principles of how to

    ·       use food to support your daily activities
    ·       prevent dips in energy and concentration
    ·       boost motivation and clarity of mind
    ·       eat for blood sugar balance and weight loss and
    ·       make food your friend and not your foe.

    The complete schedule of FREE kick-off lectures in the Hudson Valley:

    Sunday, January 11 @ 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm @ BEACON FARMERS MARKET
    Red Barn, second floor, Long Dock Drive
    Beacon, NY 12508

    Wednesday, January 14 @ 6:00 – 7:30 @ pm INNER BEAUTY SALON & SPA
    460 Freedom Plains Road (Route 55)
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

    Thursday, January 15 @ 1:00 – 2:30 pm @ NATURE’S PANTRY
    436 Blooming Grove Turnpike
    New Windsor, NY 12553

    Saturday, January 17 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm @ HEART AND SOUL
    500 Main Street
    Beacon, NY 12508

    Wednesday, January 21 @ 6:00 – 7:30 pm @ BUTTERFIELD LIBRARY
    10 Morris Avenue
    Cold Spring, NY 10516

    begins January 29

    The workshop is for you if you have any of the following questions:

    How can I balance my blood sugar so that I do not gain weight and set myself up for diabetes?
    Which oils and fats are best to use for which cooking techniques? Which should be avoided all together?
    What are the best food choices for my body type?
    What can I do about my fluctuations in mood and concentration?
    What does it mean to balance the acid/alkaline reading in the blood and why is that important?
    Is soy a health food?
    What to eat for energy?

    What can I do to improve my digestion?
    How can a boost my sluggish metabolism?
    How can get my body back in shape?
    What can I do to reduce the stress in my life?
    Should I be taking supplements?

    The workshop is for you, if you would like to

    ·       lose weight and keep it off … without dieting
    ·       know the foods to eat for sustained energy, vitality and rejuvenation
    ·       prevent dips in concentration, mood swings and diabetes
    ·       support your daily activities by eating with awareness and intention
    ·       protect your heart and live an active life for years to come
    ·       learn to nourish yourself with easy to make delicious wholesome meals

    The workshop is for you, if you would like to

    ·       understand how food and lifestyle affect every aspect of your being
    ·       boost your health, vitality, energy & overall happiness
    ·       intentionally, mindfully and pleasurably use food to your personal advantage 
    ·       feel confident about making good food choices  
    ·       be empowered to take charge of your own health and well-being

    Find all the juicy details here.
    Book the workshop here. 
    Please feel free to ask me about payment plans. I am most happy to accommodate you by offering monthly payments that fit your budget!

    Call 646-241-8478 or email

  5. To cleanse or not to cleanse? FAQ

    If you are still on the fence about joining our group of international cleansers, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.
    Here are some frequently asked questions:
    How long is the cleanse?
    We will start transitioning into the cleanse on April 10 and start the actual cleanse on April 12. I recommend to do the cleanse for at least 5 or up to 8 days. Then it takes about 5 days to come out of the cleanse.
    Why does it take so long to come out of the cleanse?
    While you are on the cleanse you get to eat very clean and easily digestible food. It’s kind of a vacation for your intestinal tract, so that it can heal and rejuvenate itself. It is very important to slowly get your gut used to more complicated foods so that there will be no digestive upset as you return to your regular diet. Secondly, by adding one food group at a time per day, you get to really experience the effect each new food has on your digestive system and will be able to pinpoint which foods, if any, are giving you trouble.
    Will it be difficult to find the foods needed for the cleanse?
    Not at all. All foods on the cleanse are quite ordinary: lemons, bananas, berries, avocados, leafy greens, lettuces, root vegetables ...
    Do I need special equipment for the cleanse?
    You do need access to a kitchen, a stove top and a blender. But even if you do not have a blender, I can provide an alternative way of making that dish.
    What if I can’t start the cleanse on April 12?
    You can always start the cleanse a little later and do it on your own timing.  You could even start earlier, as I will be emailing all the instructions on April 4. The online forum will be active from April 8 - 22, but you will have access to all the communications even beyond April 22. I just will not be monitoring it any more. Should there be any questions that have not been answered on the online forum, then you may contact me directly by email, so that I can support you.
    Is it safe to continue with regular exercise routines during the cleanse? 

    Yes, especially if you have a regular routine that your body is used to. I do not recommend to do very strenuous exercises unless you do that on a daily basis anyway. Walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi are good ways to keep your body moving during the cleanse.
    Will it take a lot of time to prepare the meals?
    No. The meals are very easy to make. Being on the cleanse will simplify your life substantially, allowing you and your body more rest and leisurely down time. It truly is a gift to your body.
    I have never cleansed before – will it be difficult to do?
    No. There is nothing complicated about the cleanse and it is suitable for novices as well. The food is very tasty and satisfying, so you will not feel deprived at all. You can eat as much as you like and you will never go hungry while on the cleanse.

    For cleanse details click here

    To book the cleanse click here

    Happy Spring and happy Cleansing!
  6. Seven simple ways to honor your body
    1. Accept your body just the way it is
    1. Feed your body nourishing food
    1. Hydrate your body with plenty of fresh water
    1. Move your body regularly
    1. Every so often take a few deep breaths in and out
    1. Allow your body ample time to rest
    1. Spend time in nature
    … and once or twice a year give your body a special gift,
    like a cleanse. Spring is the perfect time for that. Give your body a chance to gently detox, eliminate sluggishness and reset its metabolism. My guided online Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse with whole foods will help you to
    • boost your energy and mental clarity
    • jump-start your weight loss efforts
    • end sugar cravings
    • have glowing, gorgeous skin
    • reduce congestion and inflammation
    • feel light and clean
    • establish new healthy eating patterns
    • release the old and welcome the new.

    The cleanse starts March 30 and is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. If you have allergies or sensitivities to wheat, gluten, lactose, casein, soy or nuts – rest assured - the cleanse will be free of all common trigger foods.
    Here are the Details:
    When you sign up for the cleanse you will receive step-by-step instructions on
    • Exactly what to do (there will be no confusion)
    • What to eat (clear guidelines and explanations)
    • How to prepare your food (easy recipes and instructions)
    • How to enhance your cleanse with non-food activities (pleasurable self-care tips and techniques)
    • How to effortlessly transition into the cleanse (preparing body and mind)
    • How to smoothly transition out of the cleanse (so you can retain the benefits)
    You will also get:
    • Access to a Private Online Forum moderated by me for two weeks - a place where you can ask questions and feel fully supported
    Investment in your health: $ 97
    By booking the cleanse before March 20 you are eligible for Early Bird pricing at $ 67.
    For more information click here.
    To book now and save click here.
    “Marika is a God sent…an absolute caring and interested woman helping me to benefit from participating in her cleanse.
    The cleanse was a complete change in my eating habits and choice of foods…I must say I was not a junk food eater but I did love my sweets and carbs (cake, cookies, bread & pastas).
    Now, I no longer have that need to eat sweets and I am going to continue in that direction. I learned how foods work in my system and what I should eat and not eat.
    I was so happy to lose 11 pounds and am eager to continue in that way.
    Thank You Marika, and I look forward to doing this again!”
    To read more testimonials from last year’s Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse click here.
    For my European readers:
    European credit cards do not work with my US online store. You may transfer the cleanse fee to my Estonian bank account. If booking the cleanse by March 20 you pay Euro 49, after March 20 the fee goes up to Euro 70.
    Account holder’s name: Marika Blossfeldt
    Address of account holder: 90127 Rame küla, Hanila vald, Estonia
    International Account number IBAN: EE33 2200 0011 0224 7265
    Swift code/BIC/BLZ/ABA/FW: HABAEE2X
    Bank: Swedbank
    Address of Bank: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia
    Please confirm your transfer by email to, so that I know where to send the cleanse instructions.
  7. A brief reflection on the Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse

    The whole foods cleanse was truly a joyous and exhilarating experience. We had cleansers from the US, Canada, Belgium, France and Estonia. Questions and concerns could be posted on an online forum which I monitored daily providing information, solutions and encouragement. I just have to share a few testimonial quotes with you:
    “Now, I no longer have that need to eat sweets and I am going to continue in that direction. I learned how foods work in my system. I was so happy to lose 11 pounds and am eager to continue in that way.”              Lani
     “It was interesting to me, that I had no cravings when I managed to ground myself by taking more time, by really staying in the present moment with my activities and attention.”             Kristiina
    “This cleanse was a treat, a healthy treat that ignited my desire to live healthier and more vibrantly.”             Susan
    “I lost some weight, feel lighter, pure and beautiful; full of faith and hope. I also noticed that my mind stabilized itself. If something negative pops up I am able to let go of it and do not hold on to it anymore.”                         Kaja
    “I’m delighted to have lost a few pounds, putting me back at my mid 20’s weight. Sweet. I feel clearer, lighter, more energetic, and I think these things have boosted my self-image, lifted my spirits and general outlook on life.”                       Constance

    The beauty of eating natural foods

    The cleanse experience really validated some of my core beliefs regarding food:
    1. When you eat a balanced diet of natural whole foods it is easy to keep your blood sugar level balanced – and that leads to more energy, balanced moods and zero cravings.
    1. When you bring awareness and mindfulness to life, to food, you have loving control over your actions.
    1. The more natural whole foods you eat, the more your taste buds evolve. And you will be able to pick up all the subtle flavors found in natural foods. Your appreciation for those natural flavors will grow and you will find yourself no longer drawn to the overly sweet, overly salty processed and empty foods. You will be naturally drawn to more healthful choices, making it very easy to stay on track. You will be going from “I should eat healthier” to “I chose to eat healthy”.
  8. Chocolate is so good for you because ...

    ... cacao is a superfood
    Cacao, also called cocoa – the ingredient that gives chocolate its character – is good for you.
    Cacao is one of the most nutrient-dense magical foods in the world. It even has a mythological dimension, called the food of gods as well as the food of lovers. Chocolate has the power to uplift our moods, elevate our spirits and open our hearts.
    Commercially produced chocolate is, of course, a rather processed food. The purist would say that chocolate needs to be eaten in its raw state, as cacao beans or cacao nibs (the bean crushed into smaller pieces). I remember very vividly my first experience eating raw cacao nibs. I took a teaspoonful into my mouth and slowly began to chew on the crunchy pieces. At first I felt a bit disappointed that the taste wasn’t sweet at all. But then my mind shifted toward accepting this new food for whatever it had in store. As the taste grew more intense with prolonged and conscious chewing, I came to recognize the essence of chocolate – it was like a homecoming, like uncovering a gem. I was experiencing the true spirit of chocolate! It was subtle yet powerful. There was a richness and also a purity. I had a sense of upward expansion beyond my body – I felt uplifted, energized and completely present. It was really amazing!
    Cacao is a bean that grows in the tropics and contains a host of beneficial components, including magnesium, antioxidants, phenylethylamine, anandamine and tryptophan. Cacao has the highest magnesium content of any food. Magnesium provides support for the heart, increases brainpower, acts as a natural laxative, soothes premenstrual symptoms, relaxes muscles and helps to build strong bones. Antioxidants make up 10 percent of the cacao bean – an exceptionally high percentage. Phenylethylamine, also called the “love chemical,” anandamine, also called the “bliss chemical,” and tryptophan, the amino acid needed to produce serotonin, the “feel-good chemical,” are all mood-enhancing nutrients that produce feelings of euphoria and well-being.
    As you can see, cacao has health benefits on the physical as well as the mental plane. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. On the spiritual level, cacao has the subtle power to heal and to open our hearts, bringing forth a sense of receptivity, kindness, compassion and love.
    Consider the richness of cacao’s gifts when you savor your next piece of chocolate. Please slow down and consciously enjoy its many levels. Try a high-quality dark chocolate. The more cacao in the chocolate, the less sugar and additives it can contain. However, as always, read the fine print. It is legal to call 41 percent cacao content a dark chocolate, but chocolate containing at least 70 percent cacao is best.
    And if you are really brave, try raw cacao beans or nibs. They are sold at health food stores and through raw food websites such as
    Excerpted from my book Essential Nourishment
  9. Why I don’t recommend agave nectar anymore

    Agave nectar is a natural sweetener made from the juice of the agave plant. It is high in naturally occurring fructose. Because fructose does not create spikes in blood sugar levels it seemed to be the perfect sweetener for maintaining blood sugar balance and was recommended in moderation even to people with diabetes. However, more and more evidence is surfacing that high levels of isolated fructose are detrimental to our health, leading to high triglyceride levels in the blood (heart disease risk factor) and encouraging weight gain. Similarly to high fructose corn syrup, the fructose content in agave nectar messes with our hunger mechanism. Hunger normally signals us that we need to eat something. When we eat, our appetite gradually subsides and we come to a point where we feel satisfied with the amount of food we have eaten and we stop eating. When consuming foods high in isolated fructose we do not get that feeling of satisfaction with the food, we continue to feel hungry, continue to eat and easily eat more than we need. Fructose has a way of programming our brains with a constant desire for overly sweet foods which can lead to an overconsumption of sweets as well as overweight, diabetes and all health problems related to these conditions.
    As an alternative to white sugar, sweeten your foods with dried fruit, honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, barley malt or coconut sugar instead. Stevia (made from the honey leaf plant) is an excellent sweetener as well. The substance that gives stevia its sweet taste is not a sugar and therefor has no effect on our blood sugar level at all. It can be safely used by diabetics as well.
    My personal favorite sweetener is maple syrup and we will be using it in my upcoming baking class … just in time for Valentine’s Day:
    Baking with Chocolate
    In this hands-on baking class you will learn to make delicious chocolate treats with the magic ingredient that has been named food of gods & food of lovers. Not only is chocolate delicious, but it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
    Sunday February 10, 2 – 4 pm
    @ Gourmetibles
    494 Main Street, Beacon NY 12508
    For details click here - to register click here
    The Whole Foods Spring Cleanse
    I am super excited to be offering you a guided whole foods cleanse in March. And you can join in from anywhere in the world. This whole foods cleanse is a very gentle way of detoxing the body, eliminating sluggishness and resetting your metabolism for the new season. And the best thing about it is: there is no need to fast or go hungry to reap the benefits. By eating delicious foods that are naturally mineral rich and alkalizing you provide your body with the perfect inner ecology for healing, repairing and rebuilding on a deep cellular level. At the same time your body is gently nudged into purging toxins and metabolic waste.
    If you would like to
    • boost your energy and mental clarity
    • jumpstart your weight loss efforts
    • end sugar cravings
    • have glowing, gorgeous skin
    • reduce congestion and inflammation
    • feel lighter and cleaner
    then I invite you join me for the whole foods spring cleanse. Keep your eyes peeled for my next newsletter with all the juicy details.
    And looking even further into the future…
    Polli Talu’s summer schedule is up here.
    To get a feeling for Polli Talu, its garden and foods check out my book trailer here.
    For a complete package surrounding my PPP Wellness Retreat in Estonia click here.
  10. Discover the story behind the cover image of Essential Nourishment
    by visiting Donna Currie's Food Blog

  11. What’s kale got to do with it?
    I woke up on January 1 with a serious craving for kale. Luckily I had some sitting on my kitchen counter and my husband and I devoured a big bunch of it for breakfast. I made this very simple version of boiled kale:
    1. Rip kale into bite size pieces, discard stems.
    2. Fill your sink with fresh water and wash the kale by submerging and swooshing it around
    3. Fill medium size pot with about 1 “ of water and add kale
    4. Bring to a boil, constantly stirring the kale so that all parts come in contact with the boiling water – cook for about 5 minutes
    5. Taste the kale to make sure it is tender but not overcooked (one way to tell is by the color: the color of the kale should remain vibrantly green – once it turns olive green it’s surely overcooked and will not taste so great anymore)
    6. Pour off cooking water (save as a soothing mineral rich alkaline drink for yourself or use to water your house plants after it has cooled down)
    7. Add a sprinkle of soy sauce and a drizzle of olive oil to the kale, toss and serve immediately
    I paired the boiled kale with baked eggs and it was extremely delicious and satisfying – it totally hit the spot in other words.
    Now, the reason I was craving kale was probably a combinations of things:
    1. I love kale and I love weekend or holiday breakfasts that include leafy greens and eggs. It has become a tradition in our home.
    2. Kale, as all leafy greens are abundant with minerals and vitamins. They are the perfect detoxing, energizing and rebuilding food.
    3. After all the heavy holiday foods kale felt like the perfect balance food.
    4. After a generous dose of sweets over the holidays which most likely led to the loss of minerals and vitamins, kale was the perfect antidote and replenishment.
    5. Wanting to start the New Year in high spirits – kale provided uplifting and vibrantly fresh energy.
    Is it not amazing, what food can do for you? It can support, balance, provide pleasure and heal you. Using food with awareness and intention can make a huge difference in how you feel and how you perform. Learning to pay attention to your body’s messages and cravings provides powerful information for seekers of balance, sustenance, well-being and happiness.
    It is something everybody can learn. And I’d be thrilled to help you along in this process:
    For my local peeps, I am offering two FREE Introductory Talks and a 6-session Breakthrough Wellness Workshop, which addresses just that:
    • Supporting your daily activities by eating with awareness and intention
    • Getting to know the foods that provide sustained energy, vitality and rejuvenation
    • Preventing dips in concentration, mood swings and diabetes
    • Losing weight and keeping it off without dieting
    • Protecting your heart to live an active life for years to come
    • Nourishing yourself with easy to make delicious wholesome meals
    FREE Introductory Talks take place January 10 at 7:30 pm at The Living Room in Cold Spring, NY and on January 14 at 6:00 pm at the Beacon Natural Market.
    If you cannot make it to one of the Free Talks, here is a recording of a similar lecture:
    The Breakthrough Wellness Workshop starts January 24 at 7:30 pm at The Living Room in Cold Spring, NY. Remaining sessions take place January 31, February 7, March 7, 14 and 21.
    Investment in your health:
    Early Bird: $227 (pay by January 15)
    After 1/15: $267
    Single session: $50
    For more information click here
    To register call 646–241–8478 or email
    To book the Breakthrough Wellness Workshop click here
  12. The holidays are upon us
    and here are 5 ways to SIMPLIFY – your holiday survival guide:
    1 – Identify what YOU want to get out of the holiday season – it might not be the traditional holiday fare
    - Maybe you would like to spend some quality time with a special person – just the two of you
    - Maybe you would like to treat yourself to a lovely spa treatment
    - Maybe you would like to spend some time alone, to reflect and recharge
    - Maybe you would love to catch up on sleep …
    2 – Plan
    - You know you are going to get busy, so if you do not put your wants into your calendar now, it’s not going to happen!
    - Line up your helpers – delegate responsibilities -– you do not need to do it all alone
    - Take care of things way ahead of time – less frenzy in the end
    3 – Tune in to nature’s rhythm and SLOW DOWN
    - at the buffet
    - alcohol consumption – alternate water with wine
    - eating - take breaks between bites – breathe, converse, smile
    - and chew – really savor your food – this way less is more
    - sweets consumption – let quality rule over quantity – prefer homemade over factory production
    4 – Reduce
    - Spending – make a budget and stick to it
    - Presents – agree to draw a name among family members and give a gift to just one person
    - Carbon foot print – buy green, buy local
    5 – Enjoy
    - have your sense of humor with you at all times
    - be yourself
    - be forgiving
    - go with the flow
  13. I am thrilled to announce
    The Essential Nourishment Group Program             
    Fall/Spring 2012/13
    If you would like to
    • Eat for sustained energy, vitality, and rejuvenation
    • Stabilize your blood sugar levels
    • Prevent mood swings, brain fog, weight gain, and Diabetes II in the future
    • Achieve weight loss naturally – without dieting or counting calories
    • Make food your friend and not your foe
    ... then I invite you to Beacon this fall for my private coaching program, redesigned for a group setting at half the price of my one-on-one programs. I’ll share the principles of natural nourishment and loving self-care essential to an energized and fulfilling life as discussed in my book Essential Nourishment.
    This is your opportunity to substantially improve your well-being, quality of life, and the way you feel in your body.

    With my seven-years of experience guiding wellness retreats at my farm in Estonia, I have come to understand that group settings are a wonderful way to learn, integrate, share, and support each other.
    We will start November 17, 2012 and meet every two weeks for 12 sessions total. The last session will take place on March 30, 2013
    We will meet every other Saturday from 11 am - 12:30 pm at the Beacon Art Emporium on 500 Main Street in Beacon, NY.
    As your Holistic Health Coach, I will gently guide and inspire you to make small shifts in your daily habits relating to food, physical activity, and lifestyle.
    Gradually healthy habits will become an integral part of your life and unhealthy habits will subside effortlessly. You will find this process truly delightful! There will be no need for discipline or deprivation. We will move forward step-by-step. The program is doable, even if you have a very busy life.
    At the end of the 12 sessions, all the small changes done on a regular basis will amount to an amazing transformation. Not only will you feel great in your body, you will have all the energy you need to do the things you love. Plus, you’ll have a much more positive outlook on life.
    Each session includes a nourishing food and lifestyle lesson complete with concrete action steps, homework, suggestions for improving any areas of your health and life that you might be struggling with, as well as a celebration of your victories and progress.
    You will also be provided with practical hand-outs, easy to make delicious recipes, food samples, and other health-enhancing materials and resources to inspire you to move forward.
    Between sessions, you will have email access to ask me any questions that arise while working on your own at home.
    I will also create an email group so that you can share observations, questions, and successes with the other participants. You will be amazed how much you can learn from each other. And we’ll have a lovely, supportive camaraderie among the group members. Before you know it, you’ll be best friends.
    One of the sessions will take place in the health food store where I will offer detailed explanations of all food categories and what to look out for when you shop for healthy ingredients.
    Another session will be a hands-on cooking class in my home kitchen in Beacon – we will prepare a three-course delicious lunch together, (including dessert!) using fresh, organic local ingredients.
    The cost for the entire program is $137 per month (for 5 months) – a total of $ 685.
    You may pay in monthly installments of $137, or pay for the entire program upfront and save 10%, bringing your total down to $ 615.50.
    Early Bird Sign Up ends Nov 9.  Register by Nov 9 and receive an additional 10% off total – Investment in your health: $ 548.00

    Book the Essential Nourishment Group Program now.
    “The program transformed my life as well as the way I eat.”      Margaret
    “I feel more stable and grounded in my food practices, which affects my emotional and physical health positively and allows more creativity in my life.”      Michelle
    “I have lost several pounds; have more even, sustained energy through the day.”      Aime
    “A friend gave me Marika Blossfeldt's "Essential Nourishment" at a critical, life-changing moment. I had just suffered a mild heart attack and realized that it was time for a lifestyle change. Many people equate "diet" with "deprivation," when in fact diet really means how we eat, not just what we eat. Look at it this way: automobile-loving Americans would not intentionally put lousy, harmful gas in their gas tanks. Yet we readily fuel our bodies with food that destroys them. "Essential Nourishment" provides a healthy and enjoyable alternative. The recipes are simple, straightforward and delicious, using readily available ingredients. From roasted green beans in a little olive oil and salt (addictive), to zucchini and tomato casserole (earthy and Mediterranean) to amazing brownies made with black beans and a hint of cayenne (surprisingly superb), the food in this book makes eating well the true pleasure it should be. In addition, Blossfeldt provides detailed sections on the science of food which makes for fascinating reading, alongside pages of her own, abstract artwork. By making some simple adjustments (much simpler than I thought they would be) to my eating habits, enhanced by "Essential Nourishment", and by adding exercise to my daily routine, I have dropped more than 30 pounds, my blood pressure is percolating along at a normal level, my (bad) cholesterol level has dropped dramatically, I am sleeping well, feeling better and, in short, feel like I have been given a second chance at life -- not something that comes along too often.”      Tom      

    Book the Essential Nourishment Group Program now.
    As an extra bonus, I will guide you through a whole foods cleanse in the spring. This includes precise instructions on preparing for the cleanse and coming out of the cleanse, guidelines for the cleanse itself, recipes, shopping lists, and email support throughout. You will come out of the cleanse rejuvenated and glowing.
    Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 15, 3-week Christmas break, Jan 5, Jan 19, Feb 2, Feb 16, March 2, March 16, March 30
    Book the Essential Nourishment Group Program now.
    Please contact me with any questions you might have at or call 646-241-8478. I’ll happily answer any questions and respond to your concerns, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether the program is right for you.
    Let me support you in your journey towards a healthier, slimmer and vibrant you!
  14. Estonian Book Tour starts Oct. 6
    To celebrate the release of the second, updated edition of the Estonian version of Essential Nourishment, "Looduslik toit. Täisväärtuslik elu", lectures and book signings will take place all over Estonia:
  15. Off to Estonia, my summer paradise 
    where we conduct yoga, dance, tai chi, wellness and cooking retreats

    Check out the Passion, Purpose and Pleasure Wellness Retreat package here
    See entire summer schedule here

    Hope to welcome you at Polli Talu Arts and Wellness Center this summer!

  16. Paris, March 7, 2012


    Cloudy descent into Paris airport – a little bumpy this landing in the city of haute cuisine.
    The taxi ride to my first accommodation in the 19th arrondissement goes smoothly: beautiful older apartment building with worn out wooden stairs and a sign to please wipe your feet. My friend is not home but his wife Paula and lovely 3 year old daughter Olivia are – she speaks Spanish, French and English – what a way to grow up. My bed is made in the office – there are big glass doors with a French balcony overlooking the court yard.
    The next day the driver from the Estonian Embassy picks me up and we deliver two cases of books to the Paris Cookbook Fair grounds – nobody is there to receive the books but we leave them where the bookstore will be set up and hope for the best.
    In the afternoon I check out the vegetable and health food store nearby to see whether they carry all ingredients I will need for my cooking demo on Sunday – for the most I can find everything except beets – the only beets I can find are pre-cooked. But Paula is able to get me some from another market.
    First ride on the metro – everything goes well, except I don’t know that you have to push a button for the door to open – I just stand there and wait – luckily others want to get out as well and push the button for me.


    In the evening I meet the Estonian Ambassador and his wife at the Folies Bergere theater for the Awards Gala. There are many categories of wine and cookbooks – many emotional, some funny, some witty responses to winning the first price. I am thinking and rethinking my acceptance speech – you only get 30 sec to say something. My book Essential Nourishment is a finalist in the health and nutrition category – 2 hours go by – and then the moment of truth arrives – I am nervous, excited, hopeful – but when Mr. Edouard Cointreau mentions my book second in, I know that I am not the winner of the first place. He says however “… a book that everyone should read” – and my book lands on third place. I will not deny that I was disappointed.  C’est la vie …
    It’s Wednesday, the first day of the book fair – I take the bus but halfway to where I am going the driver makes an announcement that I do not fully understand – however I get that there will be a rerouting – I stay on and hope that this rerouting will happen before we get to where I need to go. I follow the moves the bus makes on my map only to find out that it goes further and further in the wrong direction and instead of stopping every couple of blocks as he had done before there seems to be no stop in sight, I bravely walk up to the driver and ask what ever happened to rue Riquet?  When he finally stops he points me towards another bus stop and tells me to take that bus back. So it is the same bus number but going the opposite direction and it will take me to where I have to go – go figure.

    I arrive at the Paris cookbook fair. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. I go to the Gourmand office to pick up my certificate. It says Best Nutrition Book in the World, Third – I like how that sounds.
    I get the catalog and rip out the pages that have the layout and a list of all presenters with stands on it. I start marking up who I want to speak to and approach them one by one. Everybody is so nice and almost apologetic, when they have to tell me that my book is not for them. Sometimes they recommend other publishers who might be a better fit for my book. My goal here is to find foreign publishers who would like to translate my book and publish it in their country.  When I introduce my book I tell them that it won third place the day before in the healthy cookbook category and it really does not sound so bad. And they happily congratulate me. I have some promising exchanges with several German publishers and a Brasilian publisher. Lunchtime approaches and I am in the mood for a hearty lunch, knowing that dinner will be on the light side. There is a French café/restaurant in another part of the building. I study the menu but do not understand most of it. Luckily the waiter does speak English. There is a lunch deal where you get a discount if you order an appetizer and a main dish. My body tells me, go for it! My cravings for vegetables I quench with a cauliflower soup and for the main dish I order the one thing I recognize as a French classic thanks to the movie Julie and Julia – it is Boeuf Bourguignon – or something like it. I must admit that I am quite ignorant when it comes to French cuisine but am an eager student. I am not a big meat eater either but will try to eat like a Parisienne when in Paris. And again a flashback to the movie – I was tempted to make loud moaning noises just like Merryl Streep as Julia Child always did, when she dined with her husband - that expression of utter surprise and unexpected pleasure – but I controlled myself – however I must report that that beef was the most tender and juicy I have ever encountered – it literally melted in my mouth – I mean it was truly incredible – wow!


    In the evening there was a party for all professional guests of the cookbook fair.  A Swedish chef prepared 8 dishes for 300 people with the help of some 20 students of the Cordon Blue Culinary School. It took place in the International Show Kitchen, so we all could watch if we were so inclined. I stayed for the beginning, as it was interesting for me to see how he organizes his work and how he gives instructions to the students.
  17. Age Defying Passion

    I must admit that I had a really wonderful time performing last weekend in TREE - A DANCE, Susan Osberg’s beautiful meditative dance honoring, celebrating and being with trees.

    There is the magic that always happens in theater when after a long rehearsal process in the studio everything comes together and you finally see the dance in the performance venue with images of trees and gorgeous stage lights.

    The other amazing thing is that although my 53 year old body feels very different from a 35 year old body, once the performance starts all that is forgotten and you just go with the flow and with the spirit of the show. You go into performance mode, you take the stage, you go into your power. Your body feels totally connected, grounded and able.
    Any hint of stiffness or restriction in range of movement dissipates and the creative juices carry you on. It is exhilarating. I am very grateful to Susan for occasionally pulling me back on stage to experience this age defying thing called dance, delicious movement, being in the moment, stretching beyond your preconceived limitations, heightened awareness, 
    living fully, exploration, passion …

    Afterwards I feel a little more tired than I used to when I performed back in the 80s and 90s in NYC. I know I need to take good care of my body – my body is asking for it – so I take a relaxing hot shower before going to bed to soothe my muscles, I make sure I get enough sleep, I eat nutritious food …

    The older I get the more I realize my body is one of the most precious possessions I have, deserving of the best loving care I can provide.

    Why am I writing this?

    Because I want you to pay attention to your body as well, to treat it with respect, to honor it for all it does for you, to love it just the way it is – unconditionally – to feed it appropriate foods, to hydrate it with fresh water, to allow for play and downtime, to take it outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine …

    But also because I want you to identify what you are passionate about. What gets your creative juices flowing? What excites you? And encourage you to do more of that. Life is too short to be doing things you do not enjoy.
    And if you are nearby, please come see these last three magic performances of TREE or join me in Estonia for a life changing Passion Purpose and Pleasure Wellness Retreat in August, both transformational experiences.
  18. On a personal note

    Off to Paris on Sunday! I am soooo excited! Then, on Tuesday, March 6 I will be attending the Awards Gala at the Folies Bergère Theatre and find out whether ESSENTIAL NOURISHMENT is a winner. My book has been nominated for a Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the healthy cookbook category. It is competing against three other finalists in the same category. Would you please send winning thoughts and cross your fingers and toes for me?! 
  19. Meet, Eat and Greet with holistic health coach Marika Blossfeldt
    Please join me this Saturday at 11 am at the Beacon Art Emporium at 500 Main Street in Beacon for the kick-off event for my upcoming lecture series.
    Enjoy a sampling of healthy and delicious dishes from my book. I will be making the polenta with roasted sunflower seeds p 112 for sure and surprise you with a few other delectable dishes.
    I will share my down-to-earth food philosophy with you and tips on how to keep up energy, balance blood sugar levels and manage weight this winter season. Eating well does not have to be complicated – let me take the mystery out of eating healthy.
    Books will be for sale and I will be happy to sign one for you. 
    RSVP Leah Quinn 845- 765-1535
  20. Nomination for Essential Nourishment

    Essential Nourishment has been nominated for the prestigious GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS 2011. The “Best in the World” winners will be announced at the awards event during the Paris Cookbook Fair March 7 – 11, 2012.
  21. You know, Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday.

    I remember many wonderful gatherings and feasts at friends’ homes from way back when I first came to New York in the 80’s. My friends always made me, the new-comer and foreigner, feel so welcome. The atmosphere was always warm, joyful and relaxing and overflowed with generosity. Many years later I started to host my own Thanksgiving dinners, roasted my first turkey, made the cranberry sauce, baked my first pumpkin pie… I just love traditions and rituals involving food; love the human connection and the communal delight in sharing a delicious meal. I also love the concept of celebrating all that we are thankful for. Such a wonderful and healing thing to do! Allowing us to become acutely aware how blessed we are indeed.

    And one thing I am grateful for, for sure - is you!

    Thank you for being a part of my community, for reading my newsletters, for trying my recipes, for taking my programs and retreats, for buying my book, for asking questions … I appreciate you very much!

    Have a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving holiday weekend and I wish you many, many things to be thankful for!

    Love and light


  22. Yummy black bean soup

    This is the first bean soup I ever made. I had eaten bean, pea or lentil soups before, but I had never actually cooked one myself. It seemed to be a big deal to soak the beans and then cook them. But one day I got inspired and decided to give it a try. I planned it and soaked the beans overnight for a soup to be cooked on a Saturday. I made a big pot of it, which provided me with nutritious food for several days. And that was the beginning of my love affair with homemade bean soups. Now I make one every week. They are so rich and satiating that a bowl of bean soup can serve as dinner.

    2½ cups (500 g) dried black beans, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed

    8 cups (2 l) water

    1 onion, chopped

    3 carrots, halved lengthwise, then sliced crosswise

    2 tablespoons olive oil

    3 leeks, cut into small pieces

    salt and pepper

    Place the beans and water into a pot and bring to a boil. Skim off and discard any foam that forms. Cook over medium heat for 1 hour.

    Sauté the onion and carrots in the oil for about 10 minutes.

    When the beans start to become tender, add the sauté and cook for another 10 minutes.

    Add the leeks and cook for another 3 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste

    Serve garnished with fresh cilantro leaves and topped with sour cream.


  23. 30 lucky winners have been chosen

    by an online random number generator to win a copy of Essential Nourishment.

    In alphabetical order per first name - the winners are:

    Aire Roosma

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    Lisa Shozuya

    Lynnette Seitz Ingram

    Margie Heggings

    Melissa Mann Saubers

    Sumi Tonooka

    Tiiu Oga

    Tricia Hagedorn Lucas

    Congratulations to all of you! Please send your postal address by email to during the month of September to recieve your copy of Essential Nourishment.

  24. The Win a Copy of Essential Nourishment Campaign

    starts July 30 - ends August 31

    Get your FREE copy of Essential Nourishment

    To be eligible to win a copy of my book Essential Nourishment you need to do two things:

    1. Like the Essential Nourishment fb page at

    2. Once you are on the Essential Nourishment fb page write “Essential Nourishment” in the comment field below the campaign announcement

    It’s that easy and you could be one of 30 lucky winners who will receive their very own paperback copy shipped for FREE to anywhere in the world.

    Offer ends at midnight NY time on August 31, 2011.

    Good luck!

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