Food for Thought

Food for Thought

There is something I really like about men

I have noticed that men are much calmer than women and we women could really learn from them. Men take their time to think things through, they don’t seem to worry so much and do not rush things. Even in the midst of crisis they keep a level head. I have come to admire this ability and am working on integrating it into my life as well. And it seems to be working. As a result I find myself enjoying the process of doing any kind of work or chore so much more - which makes me think of a statement I once read by a Buddhist monk: “If you rush while doing the dishes to then sit down and have a cup of tea – chances are that you will rush through drinking your tea as well.” All moments of life are just that: moments that make up our lives – why not savor them all and bring mindfulness and care to all of them – no matter how mundane?

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