with gratitude for life’s sweetness

with gratitude for life’s sweetness

You know, Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday.

I remember many wonderful gatherings and feasts at friends’ homes from way back when I first came to New York in the 80’s. My friends always made me, the new-comer and foreigner, feel so welcome. The atmosphere was always warm, joyful and relaxing and overflowed with generosity. Many years later I started to host my own Thanksgiving dinners, roasted my first turkey, made the cranberry sauce, baked my first pumpkin pie… I just love traditions and rituals involving food; love the human connection and the communal delight in sharing a delicious meal. I also love the concept of celebrating all that we are thankful for. Such a wonderful and healing thing to do! Allowing us to become acutely aware how blessed we are indeed.

And one thing I am grateful for, for sure - is you!

Thank you for being a part of my community, for reading my newsletters, for trying my recipes, for taking my programs and retreats, for buying my book, for asking questions … I appreciate you very much!

Have a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving holiday weekend and I wish you many, many things to be thankful for!

Love and light


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