About those New Year resolutions

About those New Year resolutions

About those New Year resolutions

Sometimes I wonder whether all this goal oriented living is the way to go. Some healthy goal setting is useful for sure, don’t get me wrong. However, if we constantly live for something that will happen in the future, we might be in danger of not living in the present. If we are so fixated on the goal we might not be aware of the process. We might not be fully present to what is happing right now. By chasing the rainbow we miss being still. Without being still we cannot open up to allow things to come to us, to receive.

So I came up with a different set of resolutions this year. Maybe you’d like to add one or two to your list as well:

1.  Trust the process of life

2.  Listen to my inner voice and act on it

3.  Consult my heart first when making decisions

4.  Create moments of stillness throughout the day

5.  Use every chance to appreciate beauty

6.  Release the need to be perfect

7.  Find pleasure in all that I do

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