A holiday survival guide

A holiday survival guide

The holidays are upon us
and here are 5 ways to SIMPLIFY – your holiday survival guide:
1 – Identify what YOU want to get out of the holiday season – it might not be the traditional holiday fare
- Maybe you would like to spend some quality time with a special person – just the two of you
- Maybe you would like to treat yourself to a lovely spa treatment
- Maybe you would like to spend some time alone, to reflect and recharge
- Maybe you would love to catch up on sleep …
2 – Plan
- You know you are going to get busy, so if you do not put your wants into your calendar now, it’s not going to happen!
- Line up your helpers – delegate responsibilities -– you do not need to do it all alone
- Take care of things way ahead of time – less frenzy in the end
3 – Tune in to nature’s rhythm and SLOW DOWN
- at the buffet
- alcohol consumption – alternate water with wine
- eating - take breaks between bites – breathe, converse, smile
- and chew – really savor your food – this way less is more
- sweets consumption – let quality rule over quantity – prefer homemade over factory production
4 – Reduce
- Spending – make a budget and stick to it
- Presents – agree to draw a name among family members and give a gift to just one person
- Carbon foot print – buy green, buy local
5 – Enjoy
- have your sense of humor with you at all times
- be yourself
- be forgiving
- go with the flow
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