The skinny on white flour versus whole grain flour

The skinny on white flour versus whole grain flour

 The skinny on white flour versus whole grain flour 
White flour falls into the category of empty foods, along with white sugar and corn syrup, because it is a nutritional void.
The reason is: the outer layer of the wheat kernels also called wheat berries has been removed. It so happens, that all the good stuff is in this outer layer: all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and oils. What remains after stripping is the starchy central part, plain carbohydrates: zero nutrition – lots of calories.
This starchy part is then ground into a very fine powder: white flour. The flour particles are so small you cannot distinguish them with your naked eye. However they have a relatively large surface area and when we eat white flour products such as breads and pasta it is very easy for our digestive juices to break down the complex carbohydrates from the starch into their building blocks: the simple carbohydrates or sugars. Because this all happens quite quickly, white flour behaves in our bodies very much like white sugar. It too can lead to spikes and drastic falls in our blood sugar level, ups and downs in our energy level, imbalanced moods, diminished mental capacity and of course weight gain.
How about whole wheat flour products? Are they any better? YES and NO!
They are better because they are not empty food. They at least contain some valuable nutrients. However, what effect do they have on our blood sugar level? Their effect on our blood sugar level is quite similar to that of white flour. Why? Because whole wheat and all whole grain flours are very fine powders as well. They too break down quickly and can cause fluctuations in our blood sugar level with all the known side effects.
To keep your blood sugar level even and manage body weight, prefer whole intact cooked grains to any flour product.
Find a lovely wheat berry recipe here.
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