Seven simple ways to honor your body

Seven simple ways to honor your body

Seven simple ways to honor your body
  1. Accept your body just the way it is
  1. Feed your body nourishing food
  1. Hydrate your body with plenty of fresh water
  1. Move your body regularly
  1. Every so often take a few deep breaths in and out
  1. Allow your body ample time to rest
  1. Spend time in nature
… and once or twice a year give your body a special gift,
like a cleanse. Spring is the perfect time for that. Give your body a chance to gently detox, eliminate sluggishness and reset its metabolism. My guided online Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse with whole foods will help you to
  • boost your energy and mental clarity
  • jump-start your weight loss efforts
  • end sugar cravings
  • have glowing, gorgeous skin
  • reduce congestion and inflammation
  • feel light and clean
  • establish new healthy eating patterns
  • release the old and welcome the new.

The cleanse starts March 30 and is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. If you have allergies or sensitivities to wheat, gluten, lactose, casein, soy or nuts – rest assured - the cleanse will be free of all common trigger foods.
Here are the Details:
When you sign up for the cleanse you will receive step-by-step instructions on
  • Exactly what to do (there will be no confusion)
  • What to eat (clear guidelines and explanations)
  • How to prepare your food (easy recipes and instructions)
  • How to enhance your cleanse with non-food activities (pleasurable self-care tips and techniques)
  • How to effortlessly transition into the cleanse (preparing body and mind)
  • How to smoothly transition out of the cleanse (so you can retain the benefits)
You will also get:
  • Access to a Private Online Forum moderated by me for two weeks - a place where you can ask questions and feel fully supported
Investment in your health: $ 97
By booking the cleanse before March 20 you are eligible for Early Bird pricing at $ 67.
For more information click here.
To book now and save click here.
“Marika is a God sent…an absolute caring and interested woman helping me to benefit from participating in her cleanse.
The cleanse was a complete change in my eating habits and choice of foods…I must say I was not a junk food eater but I did love my sweets and carbs (cake, cookies, bread & pastas).
Now, I no longer have that need to eat sweets and I am going to continue in that direction. I learned how foods work in my system and what I should eat and not eat.
I was so happy to lose 11 pounds and am eager to continue in that way.
Thank You Marika, and I look forward to doing this again!”
To read more testimonials from last year’s Easy Breezy Spring Cleanse click here.
For my European readers:
European credit cards do not work with my US online store. You may transfer the cleanse fee to my Estonian bank account. If booking the cleanse by March 20 you pay Euro 49, after March 20 the fee goes up to Euro 70.
Account holder’s name: Marika Blossfeldt
Address of account holder: 90127 Rame küla, Hanila vald, Estonia
International Account number IBAN: EE33 2200 0011 0224 7265
Bank: Swedbank
Address of Bank: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia
Please confirm your transfer by email to, so that I know where to send the cleanse instructions.
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