Essential Nourishment

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Visually stunning and potentially life-changing, Essential Nourishment is your feel-good guide to living well, one delicious meal at a time, one nurturing action at a time.

This book is going out of print. It is no longer available for sale on this website.
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Essential Nourishment

Winner of the LIVING NOW BOOK AWARDS Gold Medal, USA

Finalist for the BOOK OF THE YEAR Awards, USA

Winner of the prestigious GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARD, Paris, France

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Essential Nourishment is a book to cherish. Graced with gorgeous photos and abundant knowledge, it is more than a cookbook – it is a holistic lifestyle companion that informs as well as inspires. Marika Blossfeldt’s recipes are healthy, delicious and beautiful. Her approach to the art of eating will nourish the reader with her words and nourish the belly with naturally prepared goodness.  Essential Nourishment encourages awareness of not only the foods we eat but of the “food-mood connection,” food energies and even discusses the importance of physical activity and relationships to support a lifestyle filled with conscious intention.

Ashley Ess for Bamboo Magazine, Conscious Family Living, Los Angeles CA
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A Sample Recipe       Root Vegetable Vinaigrette    serves 4

The beet turns this vinaigrette a vibrant magenta, and the dish provides a gorgeous color accent for any occasion.


      1 beet, peeled and cubed

      2 carrots, sliced into rounds

      1 turnip, peeled and cubed

      1 parsnip, peeled and sliced into rounds


      3 tablespoons olive oil

      3 tablespoons red balsamic vinegar

      salt and pepper

      1 handful chopped scallions

      1 handful chopped basil

Fill a pot with 1 inch (2½ cm) of water, insert a steamer basket and bring the water to a boil.

2  Add the vegetables – start with the beet, then add the carrots, then the turnip, then the parsnip – waiting three minutes after each addition. Steam until the vegetables start to get soft. Transfer the vegetables to a colander, rinse with cold water and drain. Transfer to a bowl.

3  Combine the dressing ingredients in a glass jar. Close the lid and shake to mix. Pour the dressing over the vegetables, mix well, and let the salad marinate for at least 1 hour.

4  Before serving, toss, taste and add vinegar or seasoning if needed.

Garnish with basil leaves.

Note: You can use just about any vegetable in this recipe – it is also a great way to make vegetable leftovers taste delicious the next day.

Essential Nourishment

Visually stunning and potentially life-changing, Essential Nourishment is your feel-good guide to living well, one delicious meal at a time, one nurturing action at a time.

The recipes inspire you to create dishes that are both mouthwatering and easy to make.

These flavorful, nutrient-dense meals also give you the energy you need to lead an active life for years to come and pursue your passions with enthusiasm and delight.

Essential Nourishment — once and for all ends the confusion around food. It helps you to:

  • Choose food purposefully, making food your friend and not your enemy
  • Understand how your moods are affected by the foods you eat
  • Discover how you can stabilize your blood sugar naturally by consciously eating balanced meals
  • Achieve weight loss   without counting calories or dieting simply by eating great-tasting, nourishing foods

Essential Nourishment shows you how to effortlessly shift to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. It brings fun to your kitchen, well-being to your body, clarity to your mind, and joy to your heart.


“A friend gave me Marika Blossfeldt's "Essential Nourishment" at a critical, life-changing moment. I had just suffered a mild heart attack and realized that it was time for a lifestyle change. Many people equate "diet" with "deprivation," when in fact diet really means how we eat, not just what we eat. Look at it this way: automobile-loving Americans would not intentionally put lousy, harmful gas in their gas tanks. Yet we readily fuel our bodies with food that destroys them. "Essential Nourishment" provides a healthy and enjoyable alternative. The recipes are simple, straightforward and delicious, using readily available ingredients. From roasted green beans in a little olive oil and salt (addictive), to zucchini and tomato casserole (earthy and Mediterranean) to amazing brownies made with black beans and a hint of cayenne (surprisingly superb), the food in this book makes eating well the true pleasure it should be. In addition, Blossfeldt provides detailed sections on the science of food which makes for fascinating reading, alongside pages of her own, abstract artwork. By making some simple adjustments (much simpler than I thought they would be) to my eating habits, enhanced by "Essential Nourishment", and by adding exercise to my daily routine, I have dropped more than 30 pounds, my blood pressure is percolating along at a normal level, my (bad) cholesterol level has dropped dramatically, I am sleeping well, feeling better and, in short, feel like I have been given a second chance at life -- not something that comes along too often.”     
Tom Verde, Pawcatuck, CT

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This book is going out of print. It is no longer available for sale on this website.
You can still order it through the bookstores and on 

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