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Marika Blossfeldt’s thoughtful holistic approach to nutrition combined with her extensive knowledge of natural ingredients make for a pleasurable read. In her well-articulated book, she considers all aspects of food: eating, nutrition, spirituality, ritual and social connection. All facets are integrated in a common-sense approach that is broken down into simple, easy steps so even the most hesitant person can start bringing health-enhancing changes to everyday routines and LIVE BETTER.
Her tables for cooking grains and legumes take the guesswork out of preparing these important foods from scratch. They are so clear and concise you will refer to them again and again.
Blossfeldt’s warmth and joy shine through on every page and make me want to take a trip to her farm and arts center right away.
Miriam Russell-Wadleigh, Executive Chef, Piacere Restaurant, San Carlos, CA 

Marika successfully integrates two approaches to the subject of food — food as an essential part of a holistic lifestyle and food preparation as part of everyday living. In a clear and understandable way, she discusses many fundamental nutrition topics — such as the benefits of eating whole foods, the need for hydration, the acid/alkaline balance in the body and natural weight loss strategies.
Besides being an excellent everyday cooking guide, Essential Nourishment is superbly educational. It belongs on every school’s reading list!  I recommend it to all who hold life dear.  
Peeter Jalakas, Artist and Restaurant Owner, Tallinn, Estonia 
In her book, Marika reminds us of a truth that we might not hear or consider anymore: Food is not the only thing that nourishes us. She reminds us that food plays a supportive role — it should foster good health and supply our body with essentials, offering nurturing and sensual pleasure.  But she makes us aware that there are other human needs that food will not satisfy.  I like that food for Marika is neither reward nor penalty, but simply sustenance — the way God meant it to be, simple and sufficient.  There are many cookbooks, from healthful to decadent, but only a few adequately teach us to eat—to relate to food. Essential Nourishment is complete in its teaching, actually guiding the reader through a process of unlearning that leads back to simplicity and delight.

Aigi Vahing, Journalist and Writer, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Marika,
Your book is more beautiful and more informative than I ever could have imagined. I am so excited to work my way through the recipes one by one. And enjoy the photographs as I go ... and LEARN so much about eating and cooking in a more healthy way. Very few things are as important, especially now that I'm a new mom and have 2 of us to take good care of!
You have given many people so many gifts through your teaching, your art, your work as a nutrition consultant, your farm, and now – your book!                    

Greta Winograd, New York NY
I first saw the Estonian version and I knew I had to get this book when it came out in English.

The pages inside are full of the most beautiful photography of both the food and the healthy healing landscapes that nature provides us. Looking through this book is food for the soul and spirit, before you even try one recipe. The entire book is printed in high-quality full-color, so that you think you can reach into the page and pluck some delicious morsel, or gather together a bouquet of wildflowers right off the page. You can almost smell the food, the photography is so amazing.

But it's not just a bunch of pretty pictures! There are recipes -- wonderful delicious recipes! And there's a storehouse of nutritional information at the front of the book.

So we did try recipes. My 13 year old son went through the book and found several he wanted to try. They were a hit with our family. Now he's home schooling in the fall, and we're using Essential Nourishment as his primary textbook for Food & Nutrition. The information on nutrition in the beginning of this book is clear and easy to understand, the recipes are simple, delicious, and well-received even by my young teen -- helped greatly by the beautiful presentation of the photos for each recipe. Try this book with picky children -- let them find something that looks irresistible and then try the recipe together!

I can't think of anything to change that would make me more satisfied with this book. I don't even want to put it on the shelf with my other recipe books -- it's much too lovely to sit on a shelf! It deserves to flit back and forth between the kitchen and the coffee table!

Rev. Criss Ittermann, Middletown NY

Quite a beautiful book. Essential Nourishment = wholesome, balanced and simple recipes from a cook who sees us humans interconnected with all.

Iris Eisenlohr, San Francisco CA
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