Passion, Purpose & Pleasure Wellness Retreat

with Marika at her farm in Estonia  

August 10 - 16, 2016

A week of awareness, relaxation and awakening your taste buds 

Sometimes a week away from your everyday surroundings works wonders. It can put you in touch with who you really are, what you really want from your life and provide insights, inspiration and support to start things moving in a fresh direction.

The week at my farm and arts center Polli Talu gives you the opportunity to explore your passions and connect to your purpose while enjoying a most pleasurable time with blissful yoga, delicious wholesome meals, fun-filled cooking classes, luxurious massages and soothing meditations.

The retreat is open to a maximum of 12 persons to ensure high quality personal attention.

Retreat Details  

Kundalini Yoga Morning Practice

Perfect for starting your day invigorated and uplifted. This ancient practice combines postures, stretching, movement, meditation, breathing and chanting. It is a stimulating work out for your body, mind and spirit.

Cooking Classes 

A hands–on and fun experience.  Every day we create a lovely three course lunch together - including dessert! Learn how to make delicious and energizing meals using fresh natural foods. 

Nourishing Talks, helping you to

understand how your moods are affected by the foods you eat.  

discover how you can stabilize your blood sugar naturally by consciously eating balanced meals.   

choose food purposefully, making food your friend and not your enemy. 

achieve weight loss without counting calories or dietingsimply by eating great-tasting nourishing foods.

Breath Walks

A safe and easy work-out that keeps your body and heart fit while increasing oxygen levels in your blood, helping you to fire up your metabolism and optimize calorie burning capacity.


Enjoy the therapeutic and relaxing effects of classical massages or Reiki treatments.

Evening Meditations

At the end of the day ground yourself and calm your mind in preparation for a restful and deep sleep.

Day Trip

Explore beautiful sites in Western Estonia as we set out to visit local museums, medieval castles, bird sanctuaries and bogs. 

Click here to join us for a blissful week at my farm in Estonia!


The beautiful rustic setting of Polli Talu in Estonia is perfect for this one-week wellness retreat. I felt more connected with the food and overall nutritional experience, especially in understanding how my body felt throughout the day based on which foods I ate. I loved the focus on the entire well-being of the body--the physical, emotional, and spiritual. I felt refreshed, learned a lot, made friends, and made the commitment to make some beneficial changes in my food and lifestyle that I am still adhering to since the retreat. I highly recommend this Wellness Retreat at Polli Talu.     - Lynne  

I loved Polli Talu and its setting and felt it was a perfect getaway that allowed us to focus on food and nutrition and our bodies in general. I liked the daily schedule but also the fact that we had free time each morning and afternoon to read, write, sleep, have a massage, walk, whatever.  The mix of a schedule with definite times for meals, yoga, cooking classes with the free time was perfect and wonderful. The daily breath walks were amazing. After the retreat, I felt totally refreshed and more relaxed.     - Christina

$ 874.00 per person

includes meals and accommodations at Polli Talu, classes, talks, 2 massages, and 1 daytrip per person
(international travel and transfers are not included)

Friend discount: Bring your friend or spouse and both of you will save $ 50 off total.

For assistance with air tickets to Estonia please contact travel agent

Eve Saar-Kiil

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