Speaking engagements with Marika

I offer engaging workshops, interactive talks and tele-seminars on wholesome eating for energy and rejuvenation as well as holistic wellness principles to upgrade your lifestyle - guiding you to a happy body, peace of mind and joyful living.

A sampling of interactive talks:



  • Discover HOW relaxation, awareness, rhythm, and pleasure affect your ability to digest, absorb and assimilate your food.
  • Find out HOW your thoughts influence calorie-burning capacity and weight loss. 
  • Learn HOW to eat for increased energy and enhanced health. 



Would you like to discover a sensible way to losing weight and keeping it off?

Find out how you can lose weight naturally with out putting yourself on restrictive diets. 

  • Learn how natural whole foods promote health and weight loss.
  • Find out how small lifestyle changes can bring lasting results. 


SWEET TALK     Are you constantly craving sweets and would like to know why? Find out about: 

  • The effects of sugar on your immune system
  • The connection between weight gain and sugar
  • The relationship between stress and sugar
  • The effects of sugar on children
  • Hidden sugars
  • The causes of sugar cravings and how to reduce them naturally


GOOD FATS - BAD FATS    All you ever wanted to know about fats:

  • why we need them
  • what the difference is between saturated, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids  - and how they affect our bodies
  • which fats to use in cooking
  • which fats to use only unheated
  • which fats to avoid completely


Please inquire about other topics that might interest you. 

I am happy to custom design a talk for your audience. Contact me at 1 646 241 8478 or email me here.

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