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Here are a few of my clients’ stories that will inspire you...  

From stressed out to new career!

Lori, facing high blood pressure and overstressed from managing a retail store in her mid forties, after making a few tweaks in her diet found the energy to start exercising regularly. She lost 14 lb and went down two dress sizes without dieting. With her energy and vitality back in her control, she decided to go back to school and start an exciting 3rd career that is more aligned with her passion and purpose.  

Free of life dependent on medications!

June, retired from the public school system, adjusted her diet and lifestyle and was able, with her doctor’s permission, to get off most of her medications, lost a considerable amount of weight and was for the first time in 10 years able to go for a walk and enjoy the pleasures of summer.

Became a leader in her community!

Anne, a retired nurse in her mid sixties, upgraded her selfcare and nutrition and as a result found a new passion in helping members of her congregation to become healthier. 

What will your story be?

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This is what my clients have said about my coaching style:

“Choosing to work with Marika as a holistic health coach is a gift of love you give yourself.”  Susan

“What a wonderful experience it was. Every session was filled with warmth, great energy and a spiritual uplift. Not only am I more knowledgeable about healthier food, but I know how it helps in healing one physically, mentally and spiritually.”    Candida

“Marika’s sensitivity, awareness, and gentle humor make it a joy to work with her. Time spent with Marika is nurturing – like taking a vacation with your higher self.”  Lynn

What will your experience be?

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These are some of the benefits my clients have experienced as a result of working with me:

“I feel more stable and grounded in my food practices, which affects my emotional and physical health positively and allows more creativity in my life.”   Michelle

“Diet, relationship, health and mood are all better.”   Rose

“I have lost several pounds; have more even, sustained energy through the day.”   Annie

“My skin feels more clear.”   Lisa

“The program transformed my life as well as the way I eat.”    Margaret

“I cook better and more often. It’s easier to make healthy food choices.”   Rachel

“I am completely aware of what food choices are placed before me and understand the implications of my choice.”   Jean

“I feel so empowered by all the new information you shared with me.”    Karen

How will you benefit?

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